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Cutting Boards

Beautifully crafted and unique cutting boards. Available as end-grain or flat-grain. Designs and colours vary. Perfect to complement any kitchen!

End-Grain Cutting Boards: the best cutting boards to be found. More durable than regular cutting boards, these end-grain boards look beautiful on your countertop. An end-grain is a much harder surface and has a greater tolerance for the chopping motion. These boards give a truly resistant cutting surface while being kind to the blade’s sharp edge. 

Flat-Grain Cutting Boards: one of the bestselling cutting boards for the kitchen. The majority of wood cutting boards are flat-grain design. The main reason for this is they are significantly easier to manufacture.

All cutting boards are soaked in food grade mineral oil, followed by a polish with block butter before delivery.

End-Grain Cutting Board
End-Grain Cutting Board
Charcuterie Board
End-Grain Cutting Boards
End-Grain Cutting Board
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